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What a Wonderful Day
What a Wonderful Day- Avon Studios
Welcome to beautiful Stratford-upon-Avon, an ideal choice for your wedding. Stratford is in the heart of England, easily accessible from motorway rail and air.


Shakespeare's birthplace, on the banks of the river Avon has a rich choice of hotels, historical buildings, numerous restaurants and is surrounded by rural countryside.


For Civil Weddings, thanks to the changes in Marriage Laws in 1995, you can now marry at any Register Office regardless of where you and your partner live.  


The Marriage Act of 1994 allows civil wedding ceremonies to take place in venues other than the Register Office, such as hotels and stately homes and other approved locations.  


For further information on the legal aspects of giving "Notice of Marriage" please refer to the "Legal Requirements" to be found under "Ceremony".


A contract of eternal bond of love confirm'd by mutual joinder of your hands"  

William Shakespeare - Twelfth Night Act V Scene I

Notable words from one of Stratford's most famous inhabitants, so why not select this historic town for your wedding?


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